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Meme to pass the time.

Updated on 09 Jan 2008 by Dark Kat

Miserable Psycho, Dark Crud... Soon everyone will be calling me Lord Dark Kat.

What's an Anagram of Your Name?
Rad Talk Dork (I had to put Lord in front of my name to get any results.)
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Back Again

Updated on 04 Jan 2008 by Dark Kat

 Been awhile since I've used this blasted thing. They revoked my computer access privileges while I was serving a stint in Alkatraz. No matter. I'm out and I'm back to terrorize the Internet. And the SWAT Kats.

Many things are new on my webpage. New location, screengrabs, new layout, new voice clips and even some new information here and there. I don't like being friendly, but my webpage at least is user friendly. Kats alive that was corny.  My dialogue needs work after not conversing with anyone for such a long time.

Oh, here are a couple of old files I found on one of my many computer consoles I thought I'd share before ending this entry in my blog.
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I hate giving empty threats

Updated on 29 Dec 2007 by Dark Kat

Those blasted judges of my fan art contest keep eluding me. Makes it hard to kill them, you know? I've got more important things to do anyway.

Like update the look of my Live Journal. Nothing much other than a style change with a background image now. The image is of myself of course. I feel that readers just don't get enough of my glorious looks.
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