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Dark Kat and SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron are © Hanna-Barbera 1993-1994

Dark Callie Briggs

In the same alternate dimension as the "Dark" SWAT Kats, the Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs is also evil.  She collaberated with the dimension's Dark Kat, to take over Megakat City.  She uses her power to work from the inside, misusing her "perks" as Deputy Mayor.  "Dark" Callie and Dark Kat of the alternate dimension may even be together as a couple.

Dark SWAT Kats

Believe it or not, but in an alternate dimension, the SWAT Kats are evil.  Not only are they evil, but they also work for that dimension's Dark Kat, as seen in the episode "Dark Side of the SWAT Kats".  The pair are known notorious criminals, wanted for practically every crime in Megakat City.  They make for decent help, but their arrogance gets in the way of their duties, and they can be disobedient at times.

Hard Drive

Hard Drive has served as tolerable help in the past such as in the episode "Night of the Dark Kat".  He fears Dark Kat which makes it easy for Dark Kat to "persuade" Hard Drive to assist him for anything at anytime.  Hard Drive is especially useful when he's wearing his Surge Coat, as he has control over any and all electronic devices, and even over electricity itself.


Apparently, the creeplings aren't the only loyal help Dark Kat has.  In the episode Razor's Edge, Dark Kat has ninja kats helping him to break in and steal the various components to his Black Widow spider craft.  Very efficient with only a minor trip up or two, they move quicky and make use of their ninja skills to get into various places and exit as quickly as they came.


Dark Kat's most trusted and obedient helpers, the creeplings are always seen with their master.  Where they came from is just a big of a mystery as Dark Kat himself.  One thing is for sure, there seems to be an endless supply of the little demonlike creatures, and they obey Dark Kat's every order.  Though not as intelligent as a kat, they do understand commands as well as english.  They are observant, and are rarely distracted from their missions.