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Dark Kat and SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron are © Hanna-Barbera 1993-1994

Megakat Litter Inc.

More of a trap than a lair, Dark Kat used Hard Drive to lure the SWAT Kats here in this litter factory.

Hard Drive was a distraction for the SWAT Kats, a successful distraction.  Dropping a net from above, the creeplings removing their glovatrixes and Hard Drive given them quite a shock, the SWAT Kats were easy to deal with.

Dark Kat wanted the SWAT Kats' deaths not to be quick and instant.  Rather he wanted them to "have time to think about it".  Like a true villain, he had the SWAT Kats go along this slow moving conveyer belt which goes to a grinder used for smashing rocks to make them into litter.

End of the line at the grinder.

The spikes used in the machine that were to smash the SWAT Kats into litter bits.