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Dark Kat and SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron are © Hanna-Barbera 1993-1994


Green rings in which were made to cause pain and force the Metallikats to follow Dark Kat's orders.  Used in Katastrophe, Dark Kat was able to 'convince' the Metallikats to work alongside of him and Dr. Viper by using these and later had planned on using the Metallikats to doublecross Viper.  The rings glow when activated.  Dr. Viper removed the rings when he and the Metallikats struck a deal however.
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Laser Rifle

Used in Katastrophe, this laser rifle has quite the blasting capabilities.
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Mega-Detonator Bomb

Seen in Dark Side of the SWAT Kats, Dark Kat's alternate dimension self had spent years developing this bomb to drop on Enforcer Headquarters.

Doomsday Device

Seen in The Wrath of Dark Kat, this giant bomb fitted with nuclear fuel rods was to be dropped on Enforcer Headquarters.  The resulting explosion would have devestated Megakat City.
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