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Back Again

Updated on 04 Jan 2008 by Dark Kat

 Been awhile since I've used this blasted thing. They revoked my computer access privileges while I was serving a stint in Alkatraz. No matter. I'm out and I'm back to terrorize the Internet. And the SWAT Kats.

Many things are new on my webpage. New location, screengrabs, new layout, new voice clips and even some new information here and there. I don't like being friendly, but my webpage at least is user friendly. Kats alive that was corny.  My dialogue needs work after not conversing with anyone for such a long time.

Oh, here are a couple of old files I found on one of my many computer consoles I thought I'd share before ending this entry in my blog.

My Top Ten favorite things:

1. Ruling my Dark Kat City
2. The SWAT Kats destroyed
3. Getting rid of the Enforcers
4. Making bombs
5. Manipulating others to do my bidding
6. Threatening others to do my bidding
7. Smashing things
8. Evil plans that DON’T fail
9. Tacos
10. Sitting by a crater of magma on a cold winter’s night

My Top Ten least favorite things:

1. The SWAT Kats
2. Commander Feral and his Enforcers
3. Lackeys that fail me
4. Minions that talk back
5. That Dark Kat action figure made of me (I am NOT a bunny!)
6. Losing
7. Double-crossing (unless I’m the one doing it)
8. Other villains trying to take over Megakat City
9. Jokes about my weight
10. Morons at Taco Bell who forget my fire sauce with my order
Rusakov said on 27 Jul 2010 10:12 pm:

"My dialogue needs work after not conversing with anyone for such a long time."

You can converse with me anytime. I don't have much else to do since my attempts at publicizing the revival blog are in a rut right now.
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