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City Officials

Though Manx is technically the mayor of Megakat City, it is the Deputy Mayor Callico Briggs who does most of the work and decision making.  Manx isn't a bother, in fact he could come into some use if it wasn't for Miss Brigg's influence.  Both however are just weak katizens, easily taken and not usually heavily guarded.  They make excellent bait for the SWAT Kats as well as the Enforcers.  Once they're out of the way, I'll have control of Megakat City and ALL of its katizens.

Mayor Manx

Deputy Mayor Briggs


Megakat City's finest.  Finest at getting on my nerves! These annoying pests are always in my business.  I've been trying to destroy the justice machine that helps protect this city long before the SWAT Kats ever came along.  Some Enforcers are more bothersome than others, and here are a few most noteworthy for extermination.

Notable Enforcers:

Commander Ulysses Feral

Lt. Commander Steele

Lt. Felina Feral


Razor and T-Bone

These two tom-kats have foiled my plans more than anyone, thus are both number one on the enemy list.  Their true identities are unknown, and I would pay handsomely for anyone who would bring them to me DEAD or alive.  They're not just two jerks in flight suits as I originally thought when first crossing their path.  Though they are troublesome enough in their jet they call the "Turbokat", meeting up with them face to face is just as infuriating.